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Now a days everyone show interest to spend weekends in a decent, cool and in Pleasant atmosphere.  Full busy working days with so many tensions in mind in weekdays. To avoid that pressure most of clients wants to spend happily in weekends.

For that kind of busy business people, We developed a pilot project layout of 1 acre having each plot of 18 Cent’s Agriculture Land with Concept Oriented Plantation and Complete Developments and providing amenities like Camp fire, vegetable garden, lawn Area, Plantation with drip irrigation system and a container room in 4 to 6 cents. We even providing A boar facility, Electricity connectivity and Water tap connection too.

Our Layout is located just beside National Highway-30near Badava tollgate, towards Ramachandrapuram- Mylavaram road, Vijayawada. We designed this Concept to get relax in weekend days. we do give a 3 free maintenance for 3 years. Our layout is having Fencing Around the Site with an Entrance Arch and Gate. 


Location Highlights:

  • Just Beside NH-30
  • very close to Badava Tollgate
  •  Vijayawada to Badhrachalam Road
  • 500 Meters to Residential Area Villages Badava and Ramachandrapuram Near to Mylavaram
  •  50Km far From Vijayawada
  •  Only 35KM distance to  Ibrahimpatnam 
  •  Excellent Road Connectivity tO our layout.

Plantation in Venture :

  • 40 Red Sandalwood Tree’s only Border Side for Future Profit
  •  25 Different kinds of Fruits plants like Mango, Pomegranate ,  Guava, Orange ,Sithafalam, Ramafalam
  •  Designed Vegetables Garden 
  •  Creeper Tree’s for Grand Entrance Look 

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Farm house project is located at which area?

Farm house project  is a Farm land layout, is located in Mylavaram, Vijayawada.

Farm house project venture is vmrda approved ?

No, It is not approved layout, It is panchayat layout.

Will Farm house sites layout plots cost increase in future?

100%  Double or triple returns will get in future.

What is starting plot size in Farm house sites layout?

Starting plot size is 18 cents, i.e. above 450 square yards with 30 feet roads.

How much Loan will provide for Farm house sites layout?

No  Loan processing for this layout.

Farm house sites layout located towards to which side Vijayawada?

Layout located towards Mylavarm neal Bavada toll plaza, just beside NH-33 highway..

What is the distance from Vijayawada to layout?

50  km from Vijayawada station May be minutes drive.

Any devotional places in Farm house plot layout side?

Yes, durgamma temple is there and bhavanipuram water word too familiar in Vijayawada.

Can we buy Panchyat plots where pollution very less in Vijayawada?

Yes, our layout is designed for only for relaxation in weekends exactly located at less pollution Area with excellent ground water levels surrounded with Residential area and close to Toll gate bavada..

 Why do you invest in this layout mylavaram surrounding locations?

There is  National highway-30 beside our layout,  Which is close to this layout,  100%  sure land cost will increase in coming days.

Why should I invest in this layout?

It’s a 1 acre Farm house site layout, each of 18 cents plot also and Now offer is running.

Any Tourism places near Farmland plots layout , Vijayawada?

Yes, now Vijayawada is capital of AP. So many industries, amaravathi, prakasam barrage etc.

What is minimum budget for farm house plots?

Can buy a plot for even if you’ve 21 Lakh and registration charges,

Is there any developments in Farmland site plots panchayat layout?

40 Red Sandalwood Tree’s only Border Side for Future Profit, 25 Different kinds of Fruits plants like Mango, Pomegranate ,Guava, Orange, Sithafalam, Ramafalam,

Best place to low budget investment layout in  Vijayawada?

Our farm land layout is very good place to invest for low budget.

What Amenities giving in this Farm house layout ?

30 feet roads, fence around the layout, Electricity is very close to layout and Designed Vegetables Garden, Creeper Tree’s for Grand Entrance.

Tell me the distance from Vijayawada to Layout?

Close to Badava Tollgate, Vijayawada to Badhrachalam Road, 500 Meters to Residential Area Villages Badava and Ramachandrapuram Near to Mylavaram, 50Km far From Vijayawada

Any bus access to layout?

Bus facility available for every 20 mins, badava tollgate. good transportation access.

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